EGC School of Art

Vancouver Young Hope Film School (VYHFS) provides training and practical experience for art students in film acting, performing arts, and graphic design. VYHFS and Eduglobal College co-offered a special iUPP program for Art students in the major of music, film production, design and performance, etc. We help art students to come to Canada and the USA through the University pathway programs.  Our unique teaching methods focus on discovering students’ talent, strengthening their artistic ability through innovative practices, and inspiring their imagination and creativity.

  • School directors:
    • Cam Parker – Program Director
    • Hongtao Guo (Vancouver) 
    • Lin Wang (China)

Cam Parker (Vancouver) - Program Director

Hongtao Guo (Vancouver)

• Ph.D. in Journalism from the Communication
University of China.
• Former Assistant in the Asia Department to
Professor Guo Daijun, Senior Research Fellow at
the Hoover Institution, Stanford University

Lin Wang (China)

• Professor, graduated from the University of Canberra, Australia