FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : EduGlobal College Unveils PTIB-Approved Business Studies Programs for International Students in Canada

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New Westminster, BC – EduGlobal College proudly announces the launch of two new business studies programs certified by the British Columbia Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB): the Business Studies Certificate (Co-op) and the Business Studies Diploma (Co-op). Set to commence from our fall semester in September 2024, these programs are well-suited for international students seeking comprehensive business education through co-op programs in Canada.

New Opportunities to Study Business in Canada

The Business Studies Certificate (Co-op) Program is specifically designed for those looking to build a foundational understanding of business principles in a global context. 1-year (52-week) program includes a 6-month co-op work placement that provides practical experience alongside classroom learning. Graduates will be well-prepared for roles crucial in the global business landscape such as Marketing Assistant, Project Analyst, and Sales Representative.

The Business Studies Diploma (Co-op) Program extends over 2 years (104 weeks) and provides in-depth knowledge and skills in more advanced business areas such as strategic management, operations, and digital marketing. This program is ideal for international students aiming to excel in positions such as Business Services Professional, Human Resources Manager, or as an Entrepreneur.

Flexible Learning Options for International Students

Both programs are designed with international students in mind, featuring a blend of synchronous and asynchronous delivery methods to accommodate different time zones and learning preferences. This format supports EduGlobal College’s strategy to make quality Canadian education accessible to students from around the globe.

Commitment to Career Readiness

EduGlobal College’s co-op programs are a cornerstone of our commitment to career readiness, integrating classroom studies with real-world work experience. This approach not only enhances learning but also significantly improves our graduates’ employability and integration into the Canadian business environment.

Enrollment for both programs is now open, with classes set to begin in September 2024. For more details, please contact us (hyperlink to contact form)

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