Canadian English Eh!

In the previous post we took a quick dip into the reasons international students are flocking to Canada. 

Today let’s begin a series on what they are studying and why? Canada offers every imaginable field of study, from Agriculture to Zoology, but the common denominator is of course, the loved by some, dreaded by many, English Language studies. 

Over 50 countries in the world list English as their primary or secondary language, so international students are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a destination, yet thousands choose Canada every year.  Here is why.

The Quality: As I mentioned previously the Canadian education system is tightly regulated to ensure that the highest standards are met and that applies equally

to private and public language schools. That means students are guaranteed safe learning environments with quality amenities and instruction from licensed teachers.

It also means that the government policies are in place to protect students in case any problems occur during their stay. 

The Ease: Compared to many other countries, entry into Canada as a language student is straightforward and open. Students from many countries can study up to six months without a student visa. For those wishing to study longer, the time needed to obtain a visa is two to six weeks. With a minimum of red tape. 

Another huge draw is that a study visa is accompanied by a work permit so full-time students can work up 20 hours a week which is both – a great way to subsidize the learning adventure and to improve English language skills in a natural environment.

The People: Canadians are renowned for being polite and welcoming without being obtrusive. As Canada is a bilingual country that welcomes people from every

part of the world, Canadians are used to hearing a multitude of accents. Students can go about their daily lives communicating confidently without having to speak perfectly.

The Land: Canada is an enormous country with a relatively small population, leaving it with clean air and water, vast open natural spaces and striking mountains. 

The Doughnuts: Simply put, Canada has the best offering of doughnuts in the world.

And finally,

Canadian English eh: Canadians, by and large, speak in well enunciated, clear English. With some exceptions, the accents tend to be neutral and easy to understand –  

not quite American, not quite British and definitely not Australian!  This instantly puts language learners at ease and helps them learn better.

There are, however, phrases and words that are unique to Canada and here are a few important ones:

Loonie -One Canadian dollar

Toonie -Two Canadian dollars

Tuque- A type of hat usually worn in winter.

Washroom- the toilet or bathroom or restroom or lavatory in other countries.

Knapsack – A backpack or rucksack

Hydro – Gas and Electricity.

Pop – Carbonated soft drink 

Study hint. This article contains phrases and vocabulary you may be unfamiliar with if you are an English language learner. Read it again, find the meanings, and let us know how you did.

We’d love to hear from you!