Courses are delivered with all of the necessary materials included. All fees are payable to EduGlobal College and may be in the form of cheque, Visa, MasterCard, or cash (as accepted by your local college). The total tuition fees are due and payable by the start date unless specific arrangements have been with the college and recorded on a student’s contract. If the student is being sponsored, the college requires a letter of authorization. Academic credit is not given until all financial obligations have been met.
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Tuition Fees

English for Academic Purposes Program (EAPP)Lessons per week1-3 weeks4-12 weeks13-24 weeks25 + weeks
Tuition Fees20$370/wk $$350/wk$325/wk$300/wk
IELTS PreparationLessons per week4 weeks8 weeks12 weeks
Tution Fees12$800$1,550$2,100
International Undergraduate Pathways Program (iUPP)
Term One Tuition$9,000
Term Two Tuition$9,000
Total Tuition$18,000
Master’s Academic Preparation Program (MAPP)
Term One Tuition$9,990
Term Two Tuition$9,990
Total Tuition$19,980
Program Fees
Application Fee (Non-refundable)$200
Materials Fee
(EAPP, $10 per week for a 12 week program)
Materials Fee (IELTS)$60
Assessment Fee (iUPP & MAPP; Non-refundable)$250


Adult HomestayFeeSummer Surcharge(June-August)
Single Room (3 meals per day)$270/wk$55/day$30/day
Shared Room (3 meals per day)$250/wk$45/day$30/day
Minor Homestay (18 and under)FeeSummer Surcharge(June-August)
Single Room (3 meals per day)$300/wk$60/day$30/day
Shared Room (3 meals per day)$280/wk$50/day$30/day
Other Fees
Medical Insurance (Minimum 2 weeks) (weekly)$17
Replacement Student Card$30
Homestay Placement Fee (Non-refundable)$250
Homestay Transfer Fee (Non-refundable) if applicable$200
Accommodation Placement Fee (Non-refundable)$250
Special Diet (weekly)$30
Airport Pick-up$120
Airport Drop-off$100
Courier Fee$120
Custodian Letter for Minors (18 and under, Non-refunable)$120
Unaccompanied Minor Service (UM) Pick-up/ Drop-off$200/ $180
Credit Card Payment Fee2.50%
  • All fees are in Canadian Dollars (CAD)
  • EduGlobal College reserves the right to change the fees at any time
  • Homestay must be booked for a minimum of two weeks in advance
  • No matching for shared room homestay
  • Accommodation during study period is available from Sunday before the course starts until Saturday after the course ends